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The President's Corner

July is Start of New Rotary officers' Year of Service
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Beth Wallace
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Dear Fellow Rotarians
I’d like to begin our Rotary year with gratitude. The first gratitude I have is for Jerry Albert, our fearless leader over the past year who has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. During his tenure as Rotary President, Jerry convened the Board and committee chairs for a productive planning retreat and brought the ideas formulated that evening to fruition: Jerry nearly single-handedly established Bennington’s first Rotaract Club, Rotaract of the Green Mountains. He identified a new fundraising and partnership opportunity, bringing the Garlic Fest brochure to our doorstep. Under Jerry’s leadership, club membership grew, service hours became quantified and our club became more visible in the community. Jerry has embodied Rotary’s commitment to service above self and I consider myself lucky to be able to learn from his example.

Other gratitudes are for the Rotarians who have answered the call for service to our club: Cindy Hudson-Knapp graciously volunteered to take on the role of Community Service Chair under Sally Sugarman’s mentorship; Jim Thibodeau has agreed to resume his role as Sergeant at Arms; Doug Krause has agreed to continue serving as Youth and Vocational Chair; Kathy Sollien has bravely taken on the first year of Garlic Fest; and, Steve Dale has stepped up to serve as President-Elect. When I explained the tight spot I was in during my first ever week as President of our club, Dana Roczycki agreed to take my place at the Fourth of July Bell Ringing ceremony without a second thought. And, Jerry didn’t blink when I asked him to preside over my official first meeting on July 5th.

I am grateful to be part of such a supportive club and look forward to all we can accomplish together in the next year.

Beth Wallace
Club President

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