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The President's Corner

March is Water and Sanitation Month
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Jerry Albert
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Dear Fellow Rotarians
Here it is March already. Now is the season when the iconic Vermont maple syrup is made. It happens every year. Some people will go out and tap the trees. Then they boil down the sap and put the tasty liquid in those cute little jugs for us to enjoy on our pancakes. We all take it for granted that the shelves will be stocked. All we will have to do is shell out a few bucks so that we can enjoy a genuine New England breakfast whenever we want.

Another thing that happens in March is Election Day. This year, of course, the day on which we vote is March the 5th. I vote every election but I must admit that I never paid too much attention to what was going on around me as I made my way through the fire house. Some lady looked up my name in a big book and handed me a ballot. I'd fill in the little spaces. Then finally some old guy would show me how to insert my completed form into the vote counting machine. Done for another year.

This year, as most of you know, I was elected Justice of the Peace. One of eleven Justices. This is new territory for me. I always wondered why a town our size needed so many Justices of the Peace. Surely there couldn't be that many people waiting in line wanting to get married. As I quickly found out there is more to the job than meets the eye. By becoming a JP I am also required to sit on the Board of Civil Authority. One of the functions of the Board of Civil Authority is to oversee and protect the election and our fellow citizens' right to vote. I sat in on my first Board meeting last Monday. Believe me when I say that these people take the job very seriously. The old veterans on the Board have some stories.

The Town Clerk is responsible for arranging Election Day. Our job, as members of the Board, is to help her run a fair and legal vote. So you'll probably see me walking around the fire house on the 5th. I hope, since I'm an old guy, that they put me on guard at the vote counting machine.

Jerry Albert
Club President

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