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Program Speakers

January is Vocational Service Month
every rotarian every year

This Month's Speaker Chair

Michael Day
Programs are a vital part of our weekly meetings. Please support our monthly programs chair and help them obtain quality speakers to enrich our meetings and build our communities.
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January Meeting Speakers & Invocations

Legend: meeting invocation Invocation weekly speaker Speaker club assembly Club Assembly club social Club Social
3rdinvocation Dean Hanson
speaker Mike and Jan Day - A Walk Around Cambridge
9thclub social Club Social - Thursday, 5 pm. - Publyk House
17thinvocation Betsy Rathburn-Gunn
club social A Conversation with Joelle Greenland - Director of the Lightning Jar
24thinvocation Jennifer Hill
speaker David Francomb - Ranger, Green Mountain Forest
31stinvocation Judy Hill
club assembly Club Assembly

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