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Interact - Hailey Lemieux - 2011-2012 Club Treasurer

October 6, 2011

interact club at mauhs
As a typical child I went through the different phases of deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up. I went from wanting to be a triple threat - singer, actress, dancer (none of which I can successfully do to this day) to a veterinarian and even a garbage lady at one point. As the years progressed and the seriousness of deciding on a profession became more of a reality, I began to dread the thought of it. While all my friends discussed their future plans and seemed to know exactly where they were going, I was completely Finally I have decided I will pursue my interest in mathematics and interacting with others and hope to become a math teacher some day. I've always been interested in people and helping others, and when I joined the Interact Club my junior year, I found that both these things were involved. I started volunteering at different events such as the Car Show, Garlic Fest, Farm the Table Events at the Museum (which happen to be one of my favorites) and have found myself unable to stop. I am constantly meeting new people; young and old. Not only did joining Interact give me an opportunity to meet new people and help my community, it gave me a life-changing experience when I was able to travel to Somotillo, Nicaragua last February.

While in Nicaragua I was able to grasp the reality of poverty. I'd say it's like a million dollars; you know what it is, and you know it exists, but you can't really describe what its like to have it unless you actually do. The same goes for poverty, you can try and imagine it actually lived or seen it with your own two eyes. Helping others in need gave me another indescribable feeling. This is one that I wish to continue on with throughout the rest of my life as I plan on joining the "Teach for America" organization, where teachers go into areas consumed by poverty and ensure that the children get a proper education. This is one of my biggest goals, and I hope I can provide many children with a safe outlet, especially if their home situations aren't the greatest.

Aside from being deeply involved with Interact, I have also been my class treasurer for the past two years, and am involved in other clubs such as beekeeping, recycling club, and Dollars For Scholars. I am also a three-sport varsity athlete where I participate in cross-country running, indoor and outdoor track. Not only do I volunteer through my school, but I am active in my community on my own time as well, such as serving thanksgiving meals at the CLR nursing home where my mother is the unit facilitator/nurse of the dementia wing. Not only do I plan on continuing my volunteer work, but I also plan on continuing running at the collegiate level. I hope to continue with my volunteer work, and I know that no matter where my future leads me, volunteering is something that will always accompany me as I travel into the unknown.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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