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Meet Kathie Stone, Assistant District Governor

August 2, 2011

Kathie Stone
Kathie joined Rotary because she knew that she wanted to work in Youth Exchange. She has done so for seven years. In her second year, she became the short term exchange chair. Then she became the county contact for thirty-seven districts. Kathy was president of the Manchester Rotary Club in 2008-2009. Kathy is also involved in Meals on Wheels. She started as a vacation time cook for three months in the summer. She became a board member in 2001. She is now Chairman of the board. They serve 50,000 meals a year. Three fourths of the deliveries are to people who are not mobile. They can feed an individual for a year on what it costs for one day in the hospital. Kathie moved to Vermont in the 80's. She started out looking for a vacation home and ended up for a time owning the Winhall Market. She first lived in Manchester, then moved to Bondville and has been in Lononderry for six years. Her brothers also made their separate ways to Vermont since the typography of Vermont is the same as where they grew up in New Jersey. One brother is a Congregational minister and one a physician. Kathie was a horseback rider who got all A's. She went to Vassar College. She was the Marketing Director for Greenwood Press. In her spare time Kathy does a huge amount of gardening. She likes to read and watch movies. As a new Assistant Governor, Kathie is looking forward to seeing the variety of Rotary Clubs and enjoying the company of her fellow AGs. She has the two Bennington Clubs, Deerfield Valley, Westover and Wantastiquet., three breakfasts and two lunches. We are sure she will do as well with this new job as she does with all her other tasks.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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