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Interact Vice President Michaela Myers

August 2, 2011

As most know, Bennington, Vermont is a small community with big hearts. As a young girl my heart has always been with others, whether it was scared for my sisters' lives as I watched them ride on a roller coaster, giving money to a man on the street with my mother, or having lunch with my grandparents. I have always been on this earth with open heart. I first joined the interact club when I was a sophomore, and during that year I put in a lot of hours to local events such as garlic fest, gift wrapping at the museum, kids day, Ethan Allan Day, the car show, Mayfest and so on. It was not until February of this year that I realized what service meant. I traveled to Nicaragua and I was able to be a part of a different culture, enjoy different foods and activities, and interact with new people. From that experience I learned a definition that you can't find in the Webster or Oxford dictionary. Service: bringing happiness into another person's life. From cleaning up trash to playing a kick ball game with the local children, I learned a smile is what makes a difference. From that point on I knew I wanted to represent that.

Along with the Interact Club I also participate in indoor track and field, softball, recycling club, national honors society, and intern at our local court house. In the future I want to help others by being a Forensic Psychologist. I hope that I can help others bring the light back into their lives, and teach them to give back to the community instead of taking pieces of it away. I hope to begin to help the community now, as Vice President, spreading my idea of service, one smile at a time.

Author: Michaela Myers

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