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Guest Column - Tom Lenkowski

July 1, 2020

Tom Lenkowski
First of all, it' nice to be back full time in the area and, to be part of our Rotary club again. Many familiar faces, many new smiles and new relationships. Some things change, but Rotarian comradery, projects, and fundraising live on.

When we (mostly me) left the area in 2009 to work on Martha's Vineyard, I was gainfully employed and planning to work 10 - 15 more years. Sharry's plant in N. Bennington, TYCO at the time, was ready to move their business and she decided to help with the transition. Also, the housing market in 2009 hit rock bottom! We had our house in Pownal so we started our weekend commutes (450 miles RT) for the next 5 years.

The island is a tough place - logistically and financially - to live year round so after 5 years, I took another CFO position in Plymouth NH and we bought a "lake house" on Stinson Lake in Rumney NH. Talk about snow country! Sharry and I promised ourselves that we would retire at 66 and so we did in December 2018. We sold the NH house and moved back to Pownal - as Dorothy said "There is no place like home"!

Since retirement, we have caught up a little bit on our traveling, mostly visiting kids and grandkids. Our "kids" live in the three "B's" - Boston, Baltimore and Boise. Our oldest grandchild just graduated from high school and the youngest was born back on May 13th. They are a true joy once you tear them away from the electronics.

Next adventures? Alaskan fishing and camping trip; river cruise in Europe; southern/southwestern US road trip; and, a road trip out to Idaho. The cat is hoping that we start traveling soon.

Author: Tom Lenkowski
Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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