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Service Above Self

May 1, 2020

Bob Brower and Mary Morrisey
As Rotarians follow the rules about social distancing, they are also able to continue to provide service to the community. President Beth has indicated possible activities through the Remote Service Guide. Specific programs such as the "Cash Cow" for the school in Kenya are proceeding as are contributions by the Board and Rotary Members to the GBICS food fund. We asked individual members to share what they have been doing.

Jerry Albert
Cathy McClure assisted with the Easter Dinner provisions at the Second Congregational Church. She also is a back cook for the church in May. She and her husband are donating some of their stimulus money to local non-profits. Vicky Wilson has assisted at her church's food shelf as well as helped out at the community "to go" dinners on Sunday nights at Marsh and Cindy's church. She has done shopping for her mom and dad. Besides working on the Sunday Suppers for hungry neighbors with other Rotarians, Marsh and Cindy are also working with Climate Advocates Bennington 350 VT on the 1,000 tree reforestation project for the Bennington Area.

Jane Radocchia's daughter's barn, Abruzzi Stables, is closed to clients and staff. However, the horses still need care every day. So Jane helps. At times that meant 'manure management'.

Dean Hanson is taking prepared meals to shut-ins and checking on Seniors who must stay at home. We look forward to hearing from more Rotarians about what they are doing.

There have been automobile parades to celebrate children's birthdays and other events There was a North Bennington parade in which many Rotarians took part.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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