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Miscellaneous Topics from the Public Relations Committee

February 1, 2020

Mike Day
One of the focus areas for the Public Relations committee in 2020 is to enhance our visibility and message in the Bennington community. We think this begins with awareness by club members of what social media venues exist. For some time now the speaker presentations have been recorded for access and viewing later. Only those speakers who agree to be recorded and sign a speaker release form will be taped.

How do you access the past recordings? There are several ways. From the Bennington Rotary club website ( home page there are summaries of the current month's speakers on the left side of the screen. Scroll down to see all the speakers. Click on the speaker photo to go to the YouTube site for the presentation. You can also click on the YouTube link at the top right of the website home page. See the abbreviated view from the website home page below. This provides a group of the most recent speakers (the Home tab) and access to the history of all speakers by clicking on the Videos tab. Again, at the top right of the home page is a link to the Bennington Rotary Facebook page. The recorded videos can be accessed by clicking on the Videos link on the left of the page.

The PR Committee is also considering developing a Bennington Rotary blog. This would allow items of interest to be posted more frequently with suitable descriptions and relevant information. All members can help by providing suggestions and information on activities you are involved in with Rotary.

The need for promotional materials on several topics has been expressed by many members. This will be supported by the PR Committee. The items of focus at this time are a flyer describing Rotaract and its opportunities to be used when making presentations and recruiting potential members; an updated flyer for the Bennington Rotary club and a PowerPoint presentation that ties to the materials in the club flyer. Several individuals have indicated they will help develop these materials, but more are welcome!

Author: Mike Day

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