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Carrel Moore

August 1, 2019

Carrel Moore
When he retired, Carrel and his wife, Mary Beth, moved from Bennington to Brown County, Indiana which includes the towns of Morgantown and Nashville in 2006. They had friends in the area, but primarily moved there to be with their son, Scott. However, six years ago Scott got a job at Campbell University in North Carolina and moved.

Carrel became involved with Rotary and then with Habitat for Humanity. He was on the Board of Habitat for Humanity and was president for three years. During that time the group built ten houses.

The Rotary Club was an early morning club. It was a small club of thirty people. There was not much hands on in the way of projects. They were more of a write a check type club with many retired members.

Carrel was active in his church. At one point he taught Sunday School to adults for five years. He was interviewed a number of times on the local radio station about Rotary and Habitat for Humanity for their community show.

Mary Beth was involved in every thing. She was also a great reader, reading six books to his one.

Carrel worked on remodeling their home. He has always done woodworking Although they were primarily o projects for the family, he has sold some. He built some beautiful book cases and then filled them up. He has quite a section on Sherlock Holmes. Since both Mary Beth and Carrel had been members of the Baker Street Breakfast Club in Bennington, they did travel to Indianapolis to a Holmes club. However, when they got there the meeting had been cancelled and they didn't return.

When Mary Beth became ill, Carrel spent the last few years primarily as a caretaker. When she died he returned to Bennington to be with his daughter and her family and his many friends in Bennington. He is glad to be back in Rotary and is thinking of joining he Community Service Committee. He also plans to travel and to enjoy theatre in the area.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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