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A Few Words on Club Service

July 1, 2019

Mike Day
June is busy month for Club Service. Rotary events abound! There is the Student Achievement and Recognition Social followed by the Club Officer Transition at month's end. Everyone likes to see some refreshments and drinks for these events, and we do our best to keep the membership happy. We hope you have enjoyed the food and munchies along with the various drinks at the social and the Officer Transition lunch affair.

Now for a preview of possible activities for the summer. I am looking at a potential social for July, August or October at an Oldcastle Theatre performance. Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon, Judevine by David Budbill or Water, Water, Eric Peterson would be the candidates for July, August and October, respectively. With Oldcastle having a wine bar available, a social period could be available at the theater prior to the performance. Only the October performances of Water, Water, Everywhere would allow the normal social schedule timing to occur. Otherwise it would be later in the month but still be a Thursday. Co-ordinating a social at Oldcastle is another way to demonstrate our community support.

Another potential twist for a social involves the Catamount Club. They have expressed an interest in making arrangements for one or two socials in the coming months. We will keep you posted on developments in this area.

Our aim as Club Service Chair is to be responsive to members so if you have thoughts on new activities, suggestions for improvement, or even complaints, please let me know.

Author: Mike Day
Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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