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Abigail Martin - Powers Market

Nov 1, 2018

Abigail Martin
Abigail wants to share the passion and love she has for the place where we live. It is not enough just to live here but to participate in activities that will better the community. This is one of the reasons that she joined Rotary. This is why she is on the Oldcastle Theatre Board. Like Bennington Oldcastle is going through a transition with the Putnam project.

Abigail is also on the Hiland Hall Garden Board. She works with the Vermont Arts Exchange and has recently formed the North Bennington Round Table which is sort of an ad hoc Chamber of Commerce to be sure that they are meeting and reaching out to everyone to benefit not only North Bennington, but all the shires. She has also been active with the Bennington Museum and is about to join their Monument society.

With her background in politics and government, Abigail wants to make sure that we are participants and not just members of a community. If you want to see change, be active and be your own change. If you bring passion, hard work and honesty to your work in the community, the sky is the limit.

Abigail grew up in Saratoga Springs. She was active in sports and was recruited by the play on their hockey team. She became a member of the United States National Team and from the time that she was eighteen she traveled around the world. She feels that it is important for people to travel and learn from the way other people live. This provides a valuable perspective. She thinks that it would be valuable If Rotary could sponsor programs that helped young people travel or bring others from abroad to share their experiences.

Besides owning Powers Market, Abigail is still a lobbyist with twelve clients, nine of whom are active. She is a liaison between international corporations and policy makers. Her clients include car, drug and social media companies. This means she travels a great deal. She has a wonderful team running Powers Market. She travels a great deal and organizing her time is the biggest challenge. However, she learned from her family how to do it. Even while they were working, her father and mother would go to all of her games which wasn't easy.

Both her parents were educators. Her mother is retired. Her father was the principal of The Village School in North Bennington and is now Executive Director of the Bennington Performing Arts Center. Her brother Jarred is a head coach at Ohio State. Her other brother, John Andrew, taught physical education at MAUHS and was head football coach.

As a business owner and an active member of the community with experience in government, Abigail has much to offer the Bennington area.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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