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Rotary Before and After

Nov 1, 2018

Dean Hanson
Rotary and its members have been helping make Bennington a nice place to live and raise a family for some sixty-plus years, but life's patterns are always changing. So it's natural to think about what life will be like for Benningtonians in the future and what part Rotary will play in that. A single answer would look at Rotary's past history in town and if Rotary's guiding structure remains the same, then one can expect similar good results in Bennington.

Look around and see Rotary footprints! Most recent is the small Shelter Building in the lower level of Willow Park. The larger Shelter Building at the Park was planned and built earlier by Rotary to enhance the development of the Park. But the first project Rotary developed, jointly with the Veterans Home, was the “Deer Recovery Center.” The space for the deer was moved back from the highway and fenced. A public area was cleared and eight picnic tables were built by Rotary where travelers and local inhabitants could relax and enjoy nature while watching the deer.

Other things, not now visible, were school bus shelters for children, a rope tow for skiers at the Country Club Hill, a first class antique Car Show, and International Student Orientation Program and home-stay. Happily, international student work still continues. When Bob Stout was president, Bennington Rotary was also involved with developing the Bennington Rescue Squad and the first senior center.

Bennington is very fortunate to have had an active, strong, service oriented Rotary committed to its community. I am confident life in Bennington will also include a future Rotary Club that continues to serve with the same benefits for its citizens.

Author: Dean Hanson
Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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