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Meet Our New Member: Brian Maroney

April 1, 2011

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BENNINGTON - Brian is the hometown boy who went away to college and returned, marrying his high school sweetheart and raising his two children in his home town. He and his wife Tracy started dating in high school His nine year old son, Owen is in third grade at Molly Stark and his five year old daughter, Mia is in kindergarten in Sacred Heart.

Brian went to Vermont Technical College and receive a Construction Certificate and then to North Adams State for his Bachelor's degree in Business Management.

He has worked at the Pennysaver for two years and before that at Haynes and Kayne. He has been working at VABIR since September. Multiple agencies are involved in this association and Brian is part of the "Creative Workforce Solutions team." Their role is to find employment for folks who have barriers to gaining employment. His job is to create a good match between employer and employee. Businesses get tax credits as an incentive to hire the workers who get job training and assistance with their work problems

Brian is active in the community. This is his sixteenth year as a member of the volunteer fire

department. He is also serving his second term as a justice of the peace. He is a youth advocate and was a Big Brother for a number of years.

Brian's free time is spent with his family and his friends and relatives. His parents live in town which is great for Brian's children and there are many cousins and the families of his fellow firemen. The most fun to do is to go camping with his family and families of friends.

Brian feels he lives in the best community in the best state in the best country. To see the outpouring in the community for others is something that amazes him and of which he wants to be a part.

He sees being a member of Rotary as an opportunity to give back to the community that he feels has given him so much.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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