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Rotary International Conference - Kristin Reed

Oct 1, 2018

Kristin Reed
Kristin went to her first Rotary International Conference in 2013. She was finishing her year as President of the club. The dates of the conference fit into when Kristin and her husband were going to Spain so they modified their plans and went to Lisbon, Portugal.

Kristin belongs to the Rotary International Travel and Hosting Fellowship. In 2019, the group is going to Russia and from there they are going to Hamburg, Germany for The Rotary International Conference.

Attending Rotary International Conferences is enlightening and expands one's knowledge of the world and what Rotary is doing. Kristin was impressed by the collaborative projects that Rotarians in the various countries undertake.

In Spain there were twenty thousand people. Much of the conference was conducted in English. Many people from all over the world spoke and understood English. There were breakout sessions in other languages.

The goal of the conference is for Rotarians to meet in friendship and exchange ideas. Each year the conference is held in a different country.

There are two pre-conferences on Rotaract and Youth Exchange. There are events such as Walk Against Polio. There will be a reception dinner as well as a Rotary Hospitality night which local clubs host.

Attending an international conference is an experience Kristin recommends it to everyone. She was impressed to see what Rotarians are doing all over the world. She thinks the club should support a board member to attend. This would benefit the club as the person shared what was learned about education, women in business and other issues. Kristen would like to ask the club what they would want her to look for at the conference.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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