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The Students

Sept 1, 2018

Catherine McClure
The crickets seem louder and louder each day as August closes and September arrives. Even though I have been retired from a public school career for four years now, those crickets remind me of the start of the academic year, and today is the perfect time to highlight students in this column.

Weekly reports from Jim Thibodeau about our Interact students keep us well informed. These students will soon be welcoming their new advisors, Brooke Remington and Katie Contrada, and joining us for garlic fest parking. They will also be welcoming a new High School Principal, Stephen Nixon, who is enthusiastic about expanding students' opportunities for extended learning. I hope many of us will volunteer to offer students mentoring or work experiences when their personal learning plans match our own interests and/or work experiences.

We should also give serious consideration to host summer or academic year, local or international students once again. As a former Peace Corps Volunteer (1975-1977 Botswana, Africa) I know how important individual relationships are in building peace, understanding and respect. Our Rotary 4 Way Test continues to give moral and ethical guidance especially in these domestic and international political times.

Author: Catherine McClure
Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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