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A project that would be "Beneficial for all Concerned"

Aug 1, 2018

Betsy Gunn
Many Bennington residents can remember how important the YMCA was once in town but with changing times the YMCA left the town many years ago. Today we have a Recreation Center that is a great resource in the pool and small gym area and valuable outdoor space but has lacked the growth that could offer our community exiting activities and compelling programs that could serve all ages of Bennington residents.

I know many residents are excited about the Putnam project and I feel that an important part of helping our community continue to strengthen and grow we must also ensure we have a thriving Community Recreation Center. In today's changing communities a full-service Recreation Center can provide a common destination for educational, social, fitness and athletic events that bring together members of the community. Helping Bennington become a vibrant community a full spectrum recreation center can have a stabilizing and beneficial effect on the lives of young people. By providing safe and adequately equipped spaces for physical activities like yoga, basketball, gymnastics and other sports, community centers instill healthy exercise habits and teamwork in area youth.

Fortunately, community recreation centers don't just cater to young people. Walking clubs, fitness programs, athletic opportunities, arts and crafts classes, and various cultural activities are made available to those of retirement age by community centers and the civic organizations they partner with in the community.

I am pleased that the town has agreed to work with UCS and other community partners to explore the feasibility of expanding our Recreation Center to meet the expanding need of young and old for a place to grow, learn and stay healthy together. From my perspective, expanding the Recreation Center would also ensure that together we can Build Goodwill and Better Friendships.

Author: Betsy Gunn
Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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