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Steve Dale - Methodist Pastor

June 1, 2018

Steve Dale
Steve was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His mother was an English teacher who became a lawyer and then a pastor. Steve's stepfather was also a lawyer. The two of them had a firm together before she became a pastor He grew up in a family that liked to talk a lot.

He went to Boston University which he thinks was because his grandfather got his Master's there. He was an English major in pre-med, but in his second year he realized that he hated chemistry and biology, so it didn't seem like a good career choice. At that time, his family ran out of money, so he had to drop out and did not complete his undergraduate degree until twenty-two years later.

He found an entry level Information Technology job at an Internet start-up firm. Within a few years he was heading up Information Technology at a number of Internet start-up companies. He would stay with them until they got bought up or went out of business. At one point he was Director of IT Technology at Lucent Technologies.

In 1999, when Steve's mother died, hee gave her eulogy. At that point he realized that he wanted to be a pastor. It took a while to make the change since his wife was not working after their son was born. He went into a mentorship program. He was pastor of his first church in Medford Massachusetts. He finished his undergraduate degree, and his Masters of Divinity in three and a half years while he was half time at the church, had a full time course load, a full time job and was also a family man.

After that the bishop sent him to a church in Northern Maine for two years. Then he was assigned to develop a church in Bennington. This is not an easy assignment since the town is not a hot bed of religious fervor. There are already a great many churches here.

His wife Lisa is working at the Head Start program and his son, Paul is at the middle school and enjoying it Steve is at the end of the first year of a three year project to develop a church. He has already joined our Community Service committee.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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