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May 1, 2018

Interact volunteers were busy again this past month!

On Wednesday, March 21st, students left school and headed straight over to the Bennington Free Library to lend a helping hand with the "Kindergarten initiative with Paddington after-school party."

One student even dressed up as Paddington himself – which was not easy. That heavy head makes it hard to see and he needed to be guided through the room to meet the children! But we had a blast.

We left that party and headed straight over to another one: the Rotary Club's Annual Italian Night and Auction. It was a very successful event, and fun was had by all. It's an added bonus that the students get to enjoy a delicious dinner when they are finished monitoring the auction, serving and cleaning up dinner, and washing dishes. We had a nice turnout at that event. On April 7th, several students headed over to help out with the Bowl for Kids' Sake fundraiser at Bennington Lanes. They assisted in directing teams, being bidding buddies at the silent auction, and helping out at the food tables.

April 13th was the opening reception for ‘Bennington Collects,' the spring exhibition at the Bennington Museum. Students passed hors d'oeuvres, bussed cocktail tables, and covered the coat room.

And lastly, at the start of spring break, a few students met at the Bennington Free Library on April 15th to help out with some spring cleaning. They washed walls, washed floors and carpets, dusted and polished wood furnishings and trim and dusted and washed windows. Kudos to this group of remarkable youngsters. We are always able to round up enough of them to really make a difference in these community events, and their desire to want to help is impressive, admirable, and appreciated! Happy Spring!
Kristen Kimball

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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