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Let's Talk Communications!

April 2, 2018

Michael Day
As a member of the Public Relations committee, my focus has been on internal club communications. This started out as a continuation of the weekly meeting notice. This was a jumping off point for the addition of other reminders to the weekly email. These have included committee meeting announcements, event signup sheets, information distribution, monthly stuff-the-suitcase reminders and project updates. We can always do more. My goal is to send the weekly meeting notice with reminders out two days before the meeting (or social). So, send me an email or call me if you have something the club members should be aware of or act on.

That leads to the next item in the effort to improve communications. Periodically a list of members with their email addresses and phone numbers has been sent to everyone. New members are added. Contact information is updated when I know about it. So please let me know of any contact information changes so the list can be updated and sent to members.

Another of my assignments is to line up monthly speaker chairs. Over the past three or four months numerous individuals have come to me who would like to speak at our meeting or know of individuals who would like to speak at our meeting. Attempts to connect the monthly speaker chairs to these potential speakers have not been very successful. So, in the next few weeks you be receiving a communication which will attempt to consolidate these possible speakers into one reference bank that can be used by the monthly speaker chairs. The call to action when you see this request is to provide information on potential speakers you are aware of who have expressed an interest, or you think might be interested to speak at a Rotary meeting.

Finally comes a request for help. The club does have a social media presence but there is much room for improvement. If there are a few members (perhaps new members) who have some skill to offer, please step forward and let us know. There are many ideas which could be implemented but the skill set is missing among those currently involved. This is a learning opportunity for everyone – those who can learn the skills and those who can learn more about the club as they teach the skills.

Author: Michael Day
Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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