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Jennifer Hill - Brookdale Filmore Pond

March 1, 2018

jennifer hill
Jennifer is Sales Manager at Brookdale. She shows families or potential residents around and explains what Brookdale has to offer. Sometimes it is quick move and sometimes it takes a year. On April 1, Jennifer will have worked there for five years. She loves her job.

Jennifer received her Masters from SUNY, New Paltz in Marketing. She went into the health field almost by accident. When she graduated, her father's cousin knew of an opening. She worked for Aetna in New York City and then a smaller insurance company.

Each job seemed to almost happen by accident, but she is glad that they did because she finds health care a more rewarding field than others would be.

She lived in New York City until she met her husband. She moved to Bennington when she married Josh. He works at Taconic. Judy Hill is her mother-in law Jennifer has been here since 2009. When she moved here, she found a job in Granville, New York at a skilled nursing facility and then at Brookdale. She has a fourteen year old step-daughter, Jordan, and a five year-old son, Brady. Brady was the first baby born in in 2013.

His picture was on the front page of the paper that year.

Jennifer was born in Queens, but when she was a baby her family moved to Middletown in Orange County, New York. Her father was a business agent for a plumbing union in New York. Most of her family lives in or around New York City.

Jennifer likes spending time with her family. She also enjoys getting together a few times a year with good friends from college. They have stayed close over the years. She met her husband at one of these friends' wedding.

Jennifer wants to be involved in the community which is why she joined Rotary. She is looking at the committee list in greater detail to see where she best fits in.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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