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Tag / Yard Sales

October 2, 2017

Victor Verzar
Bennington Rotary member, Victor Verzar is drawn to tag sales and yard sales as a buyer. His collection may overwhelm his storage area and need organizing itself, but his years of experience will be of special value on Saturday, September 30th at our Rotary Roundup workday. On this day volunteers will work with Victor to price items for our first tag sale. Tables will be set for items at specific dollar amounts, beginning in sequence with $1.00 tables then $ 5.00, $10.00, $15.00, $20.00, and $25.00 tables. Victor will be looking for agreement among those assisting in pricing before an item is placed on a table (although he will share the amount he has seen similar items priced and purchased). Those items that appear to be worth $ 25.00 or more will be considered for the live auction.

Victor calls himself a collector not a hoarder. The description "hoarder" has a negative connotation from stories of extreme cases. Victor believes we are all collectors; it is simply a matter of degree. He encourages us to think of the items in our attics and closets or other areas where we store treasured items.

Victor also believes most people do not understand the difference between a tag sale and a yard sale. People who have yard sales generally want to find a loving home for items they have treasured and believe the use or joy their items bring someone is more important than the price they will receive in the purchase. Tag sales are given by individuals who hope to receive the most money they can for each item they offer. As members of the Bennington Rotary search for a new signature fundraiser, we hope this event on October 7th co-sponsored with the Catamount Rotary Club will be a successful event to begin to reach our $ 8,000.00 annual goal for college scholarships and perhaps additional funds for other community needs.

Author: Victor Verzar
Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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