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Communication and Social Media and the Public Relations Committee

May 1, 2017

Michael Day
First, let me identify this article for what it really is…a request (some would call it a plea) for individuals with social media savvy to put our club activities and information out in the community in as many platforms as possible. Up until about 18 months ago the Bennington Rotary Club had a very good presence in social media. You could find us on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Summaries of recent speaker presentations and club photos were among the items available on Facebook. Speaker presentations were broadcast on Facebook Live. That expertise is no longer available and the PR Committee is looking to revitalize this effort.

Are there club members who would be able to support this effort from both the skill set aspect and interest in this aspect of our club activities? This can be a team effort as well as an opportunity for other members to learn the necessary skills to support this effort.

On a related topic - communications - numerous club members have appreciated the reminders and notes that are added to the weekly meeting notices. This email goes out to all members, not just those who are at any given meeting. So, you are encouraged to make use of this vehicle whenever you want or need to convey a reminder (such as committee meetings), an information piece or an update on an active project. Just send me an email and I will be glad to include your item in the weekly meeting reminder.

Club members interested in the Public Relations Committee activities please let me know…no auditions necessary, just your interest. We have numerous areas for members to provide support to the club.

Author: Michael Day
Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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