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Guest Column - My Every Day Hero

April 1, 2017

Leslie Addison
I am honored to share my thoughts about a recent event that caught me quite off guard. It was one that filled me with both fear and pride; heartache and admiration, and happened when my son became an everyday hero!

I got a call recently from my 27 year old son, Nick, letting me know he had thrown his hat into the ring and wanted our support. What was this venture he was pursuing? It was the possibility of giving the gift of life – being a living organ donor to his soon-to-be father-in-law who needed a new liver. One by one, each immediate family member had been ruled out, and with each rejection, they clung to the hope of the next biological relative being a match. It wasn't to be. That's when my son threw up his sleeve to start the testing process.

Test by test, and after multiple interviews and screenings, he got the good news that he was "a match". Their surgeries were side by side; 8 hours each, and staggered by 3. The joy and fear and pride were overwhelming that day. Seeing the gratitude and love from the recipient was absolutely humbling. All was a success!

Why is this Rotarian worthy? As I reflect on my son's decision, I take pause in my wonder of his courage and selflessness. I thought about all the people in his young life who may have played some part in shaping his character. I thought about his goodness. They say it takes a takes a village to raise a child and I know that many moments my son shared with many good people contributed to the man he is today. Rotary International describes itself as "People of Action". When you interact with another in the spirit of service or kindness; you are making a difference. Every day heroes are among us, and it might just be your support that adds strength to their moment of paying it forward. Be part the village that makes a difference! You may never know whose life is changed as a result.

Author: Leslie Addison
Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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