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Lindy Lynch on - Turning 60

May 3, 2016

Life is an adventurous journey. I have been a member of Rotary for over half of my life. Rotary has been a journey from the beginning when I first joined. I was in the field of early childhood, brought in when Bill Fisk was president up at the Paradise.

My career in that field has changed. I'm now a restaurant owner, the Paradise has closed and is now a college. Bill is not in our Rotary, but in the morning club and is now an attorney.

Many people have come and gone over the years in Rotary, some have stayed in the community and over the years in Rotary, some have stayed in the community and we remain friends. As new people have come in, new relationships have begun. We have gone through many Presidents, myself included, with different styles of management and leadership and with different personalities. Some years of fun and some of sorrow; losing folks is always hard.

I remember well the car show, the pancake breakfast, strawberry shortcake at May Fest, all of the spaghetti nights. Some have gone and some have stayed and continued to grow like Italian night. One of my favorite nights was our anniversary dinner at the Station. The ambience of the Japanese theme and the camaraderie was magical. Another fond memory, going to a hockey game, the cruises on the Hudson, building friendships and good will. What hasn't changed is the four way test. I continue to live by it each day. Rotary has been a part of my adventure in life for over thirty years. I am looking forward to the next thirty in life and in Rotary What is next for Rotary??

What is Remember to live by the test and most of all remember to live each day. What is next for Rotary?? What is next for Bennington?? What is next for you??? Life is exciting and adventurous. Live it...

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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