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Guest Column - Kristin Reed

March 1, 2016

Kristin Reed
Once again, I am wondering how the time has passed so quickly since I signed up to write the Windmill's guest column and, why I agreed to sign up for March? Even though I've happily given up my 'tax season' work, I'm as busy as ever and still making time to ski and instruct at Bromley! Then I remembered: this March I reach yet another milestone in my life and sitting and writing this helps me reflect. This month I am already old enough to consider collecting Social Security!? How can this be?!! It seems only a few short months ago that Bill, Steve and I decided to make a go of it at Fisk Reed & Love....hmmmm...

and that was very shortly after my, now 26 year old, daughter was born! Therefore, it seems like "only yesterday" that I served as your Club President during my 21st year as a Bennington Rotary member. This musing reminds me of a comedian's line that I heard recently, which I will paraphrase: 'You know you're getting older when you seem to be having your breakfast every twenty minutes!' SO, before my life reaches the pace of '20 minute days', I'm also making time to sit, reflect, and 'do nothing'-if only for a few moments each day. I'm hopeful that I may stretch the days a bit longer if I focus on, and appreciate, all of the wonderful moments, days and events that I've experienced, as well as, focus on "giving back" and "paying it forward". As I am approaching 'retirement age', I'm reminded of an article written by one of my favorite life financial planner/coaches, Mitch Anthony. Referring to a speech given ~ 100 years ago by Charles Mayo (Mayo Clinic), he writes of 'drawing a line on enough'. "The only question people think needs answering (today) is "Do I have enough money?" Anthony writes:

question is "Do I have sufficient purpose?" Without some form of contented industry in our life, no matter what our age, it is doubtful that we will experience this wellspring of happiness." What a great opportunity -for maintaining 'sufficient purpose'- my membership in Rotary provides!

Peace, Kristin

Author: Kristin Reed

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