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Susan Coons - Retirement...

January 1, 2016

Susan Coons
I've been skating on thin ice (well, figuratively speaking of course because we have been enjoying a California winter) by putting off my commitment to write something for our monthly Rotarian Newsletter. For the past month I have been thinking of things to write and telling myself that I will remember the ideas so didn't write them down. Ah ha! That theory didn't work and here I am desperately trying to trace back my thinking!

With the countdown to Christmas and the New Year beginning in September, I was lulled into a kind of stupor where I thought I have plenty of time to take care or everything like decorate, shop, send cards and write this column. Uh-huh, so here I sit and here you read...

Many folks have asked me if I'm still busy and how do I like retirement. Well, it took me almost three years to find out the answer to that. After working 50-60 hours a week for 17 years it took me almost three years to figure out what to do with all that extra time.

Since I was a little kid with my first art project being a multi-color crayon mural next to my bed as far and wide as I could reach, I have been infatuated with drawing, painting and creating. Until coming to the Pennysaver and Vermont News Guide I was always a graphic artist, designer and Art Director at magazines and newspapers.

Necessity introduced me to my second hobby...that of writing.

When I was given the choice of either being production manager or editor at the Guide, I chose my new path, editing and writing.

I recently embarked on my third hobby which is gourmet cooking! I have found that choosing spices and seasonings that complement each other is much like mixing paints and other elements. I have always enjoyed cooking but am now experimenting with the mixture of new vegetables and fruits. I have always made my own sauces, salad dressings and croutons, avoiding processed and packaged foods but now have taken it to another level. My meats are purchased locally and I try to use only fruits and veggies in season and locally grown.

Until recently, I had never baked a cake from scratch. Baking was a real challenge for me. The first loaf of bread I ever made (50 years ago!) came out of the oven hard as a brick. Now I am undaunted, baking breads, cakes and cookies.

And this is how I am enjoying the second half of my life in retirement.

Author: Susan Coons

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