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Talking With Mike Nigro - President Elect

August 1, 2015

Mike Nigro
Mike Nigro sees this coming year as an exciting one. As President Elect he sees himself part of team with the Board. Although his specific focus as President Elect is on membership, he feels that the Board is doing an important job of developing a vision for Bennington Rotary for the next five years. Mike believes that when he takes over as President the transition should be seamless with the same goals and policies as current President Brian Maroney is implementing along with the Board.

This sense of working as a team permeates everything that Mike sees as energizing the club as a whole. Working with other Rotaries in our area who are facing the same challenges as we do will be one aspect of this.

Mike feels that the corporate membership will bring in new members and new ideas to the club. He says that the Board is targeting good prospective members and that the Board will do more to integrate them into the club once they arrive. Speaking of his own experience, he feels it is important that each Rotarian find his or her particular place in the club.

Mike feels that the monthly socials make it possible to have extended conversations with other members and get to know them better and differently than one does at meetings. He compares it to working with other members on volunteer activities.

As an example of the value of these interactions, Mike cited the last social when Rye introduced him to Bob Condon who was one of the founders of the car show. Talking with Bob gave Mike a new sense of the history of the event and the club.

Finding the club's place and role in the community is another example of what can arise from the membership. Mike noted that Jerry's Bell Project showed what can emerge from the members' interests. Mike's enthusiasm and ideas should inspire new members.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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