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The Value of a Simple Life

August 1, 2015

Vicki Wilson
I recently lost my aunt to a short, but aggressive battle with cancer. She was my mother's last surviving sibling, her only sister and her best friend. She was in her late eighties and had lived a simple but full life.

Born in1928, just one year before Black Thursday, she grew up one of four children on a small farm in Halifax, Vermont. She married a boy she knew in high school and although she did leave to attend college and get her degree in education, she came back home and settled not far from where she started. She and her husband of more than sixty years raised five children in the humble home they shared from the beginning. These are all things anyone could probably learn about her by reading an obituary.

The important things to know about my aunt, however, you would only know if you knew her. For instance, she loved her family fiercely and she suffered the loss of not one, but two of her children. I knew that she had a wonderful sense of humor and could laugh at herself freely. When her grandchildren spoke at her funeral they spoke of her lovely singing voice and how she passed on to each of them her love of nature. And it was very clear that she had been much loved by friends and family alike.

In our society where success is so often measured by bank accounts, houses and cars, I was struck by how deeply my aunt affected those around her and I believe she would have been surprised as well. In the midst of my sorrow at her loss, I was encouraged that someone could live life simply and still create a meaningful legacy that will carry on, even if they never traveled far from home.

Author: Vicki Wilson

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