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Changing of the Guard

July 1, 2015

As has become our custom the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place on the last Friday in June at the Jim Ross Pavilion. Before the Passing of the Gavel, there is a picnic and an assortment of awards are presented to various Rotarians. As about to become Past President, Mike Harrington, explained they are all presented with good humor.

After the food and the fun, the gavel is passed. The Past President receives his pin and the new President is given the gavel and the new Board is introduced

Service Sligthly Above Self
Best Dress - Betsy Gunn
Best Hair - Rich Albert

Be All You Can Be
His Portrayal of Colonel Sanders
Shep Jones

Woman of Distinction - Susan Katz

Club Curmudgeon - Doug Krause

Napoleon Complex - Lisa Byer

Most Equipment Super Star - Cathy McClure

Most Likely To Sue - Bill Deveneau

Most Reproductive - Brian McKenna

Rookies of the Year
Michael Day
Vicki Wilson

Rotarian of The Year - Kathy Sollien

Most Absent - Lisa Byer

Most Self Serving - Brian Maroney

Service Above Self - Jim Thibodeau

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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