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June 1, 2015

Brian Maroney
I sit here ready to take over the role of club president in less than a month. Many things have gone through my mind over the last several months of preparation. The good news is that the fear and anxiety have been replaced with excitement and focus.

Rewind to February and the flurry of emails about the coming year, pre-P.E.T.S, and P.E.T.S. (President Elect Training) Oh no what have I gotten myself into? I am not ready for this and I will be surrounded by Rotarian All-Stars.

Then my Pre-pets came and went, which only sent me even further into panic mode. I listened to so many past presidents words of encouragement and support, yet I was still nervous.

I went to P.E. T. S. and hour by hour everything became clear to me. I learned more about Rotary International in those two days than I could have ever imagined. Finally, I had my first Rotary moment! It gave me a sense of who I am and how I fit into the bigger picture of Rotary. Now was the task of staying focused and not trying to take on too much in my year as President.

I have entered the final stages of preparation with our new Board and this makes me feel even more positive about the coming year. What a great bunch of dedicated and highly focused individuals. We should all expect great things as a club this year!

I would like to thank you all and leave you with this year's Rotary theme: "Be a gift to the world"

Author: Brian Maroney

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