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Passing Integrity On

March 2, 2015

Viki Wilson
Integrity is important to me. Integrity is not an easy way out. Integrity has much deeper meaning when you take it apart. I have not been around as long as some of the other members, but even I can remember days before. Days when people opened the doors for each other, they said "thank you", and helped your neighbors simply because they were neighbors.

My family works to instill in our children morals, ethics, and integrity. When my children see someone struggling with a door or an older person walking towards a door they go and hold it open. They do this because it is polite and they like to help others, I have instilled in them the feeling of respect for others and good feeling of helping others. Sadly I do not see many adults doing this anymore let alone children.

I want my children to understand that helping someone and doing the right thing is a reward in itself. This past summer I watched a man drop a $100 bill out of his pocket when getting his phone. I walked over, picked it up, and let him know he dropped it and gave it to him. He had not realized it dropped and thanked me. Later I asked my son what he would have done, he told me he would have picked it up and gave it back to the man since it was his. It was a good feeling to hear that.

Morals gives you knowledge of what is right, ethics gives you the discipline to do what is right, and integrity is when you do what is right when no one else will know and you'll never get any credit for it. I want my kids to have integrity. Integrity is what makes a community a community.

Bill Deveneau

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