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Our Traveling Rotarian

March 2, 2015

rotary signs
Since his retirement, Doug and his wife, Marnie have spent a lot of time traveling. They have gone to South America, Africa, Europe and all of the continents. Along the way, Doug has been taking pictures of the Rotary signs he sees. As he says, no matter where you go, there is Rotary.

Doug says his wife likes to come up with a travel plan so that they spend five days in each city. They often go with an organization called OATS, Oversees Adventure Travel. These are groups of sixteen to twenty people. Such a group is useful for traveling in a place such as New Zealand where it is difficult getting around the mountains to go from place to place.

In most of the countries people speak English. It is instructive to see how the rest of the world lives. Often in places such as Cambodia, it helps you appreciate what you have. They like to visit schools on their trips and see the kids. Having been to Africa, Doug says that he can never go to a zoo and see elephants chained and in a cage having seen them in their natural habitat.

Besides their trips, Doug and Marnie have time shares in St. Lucia, St. Thomas and Nantucket.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)
Douglas Krause

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