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Meet Vicki Wilson Hoisington Realty

February 3, 2015

Viki Wilson
Vicki Wilson is a true Vermonter. She was born in Bennington and grew up in Wilmington with two younger brothers. Her father started his own business. Her mother was a teacher, then a homemaker and then worked in retail.

Vicki went to college at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida where she majored in Public Relations with a minor in Spanish and Art History.

She lives in Shaftsbury with her husband Pete. Her older son, Jamie, is at Providence College studying Political Science and Economics. Her younger son will be going to Johnston State College where he plans to study history and psychology. She wants them to be successful, but also to be satisfied and fulfilled and happy in their personal lives.

All of Vicki's jobs have been in Bennington. Currently. Vicki works at Hosington Realty where she has been for thirteen years. She was doing administration for most of her early years with the firm but is now in sales and has more time and is meeting new people. Helping people find the right home and financing is satisfying and she enjoys her work.

In her leisure time she likes to read, garden and hike. She used to motorcycle but hasn't done that recently. She belongs to a book club

She is a member of the North Bennington Baptist Church. There is a wonderful group of loving people who attend that church and she enjoys working with them.

Vicki is still learning about Rotary. She hopes to help us get more young people in Rotary because they can provide a new energy. She has already become involved in the Public Relations Committee where she has taken on the responsibility of sending our press releases. She likes talking about the great things that Rotary does locally, nationally and internationally.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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