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Our Rotary Exchange Student - Shoko Nakamura

May 5, 2010

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Shoko comes from Shiga, Japan. Shiga is not a city, but it is bigger than Bennington. A lottery determined where Shoko would spend her year. When she thought of the United States, she thought of cities, so she was surprised to see so many trees. Shoko loves Vermont. Her twin sister went to Brazil and she also loves where she is as well.

People are nice and friendly in Vermont. Shoko also loves American food better than Japanese food.

When she first came to Bennington, Shoko's English was not that good and it was difficult to communicate with people. At the beginning she felt lonely, but now her English is getting better so at school she can communicate with her friends.

In Japan she has to wear a uniform in school and since they don't have a bus, Shoko has to ride her bicycle to school. She also has six or seven classes in Japan as well as clubs, so she often gets home at seven o'clock. At Mt. Anthony, Shoko takes four classes. In Japan students usually stay in the library, but here students and teachers go home earlier.

Shoko has enjoyed the clubs she has joined at Mt. Anthony although she is going to give up fencing for tennis.

Shoko has enjoyed each family that she has stayed with. In the beginning she was nervous, but within three days or a week later, she was comfortable. She enjoys the families so much, she doesn't miss her parents.

Shoko and her sister were encouraged to study abroad by their mother who had stayed in the United States herself. When she leaves to go home, Shoko will miss her friends and snow boarding which she had never done before. She was most surprised by Halloween which they do not celebrate in Japan. Like many of the new things she discovered here, it was fun.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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