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Meet Brian McKenna of D.B. McKenna and Co., Inc

April 1, 2010

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Brian was born and grew up in Bennington. He is one of four sons, three of whom live in Bennington or North Bennington and one who lives in Scotia. They are all very close. Brian and his brother, Mike, work at their father's company. He is a financial advisor/broker dealer. Don Mckenna started the firm twenty-nine years ago. Brian is in line to take over the business so he does most of the day-to-day operations.

Those who read Brian's column in the Banner know that he went to Notre Dame and is still an enthusiastic supporter of that college. Before that he went to the local schools, including the Early Childhood Center. He thinks that Mount Anthony is fantastic and he had a great education there, as well as enjoying various sports camps that were offered.

Before returning to Bennington, Brian worked in London doing banking. While, he was there, he created a Notre Dame alumni club which he has also done in Vermont. He is the President of the Vermont Notre Dame Alumni Club, President of the Young Professionals and a member of the Oldcastle Board.

One of the reasons that Brian likes Rotary is community service. When he was at Notre Dame, he and other students went to homeless shelters each week and took the children out to the movies, bowling or other activities.

Brian remembers going to Spaghetti suppers and the car show when he was a child so it is great to be working on them as an adult.

As everyone also knows from his column, Brian and his wife Jennifer renovated their house, a process that is ongoing. His daughter Nieve, who is just six months old, has already come to Rotary events. Brian is happy to be back in Bennington because of the sense of the community and the quality and quantity of things to do and become involved with.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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