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Meet Scott Kreutz - Formerly of Citi Bank

March 1, 2010

bennington rotary club
BENNINGTON - Scott has always been a banker. He grew up in Plainfield New Jersey, moved to the Midwest, Akron, Ohio and Ann Arbor, Michigan. He went to the University of Ithaca and to Graduate School at Northwestern in Chicago. When he graduated, he decided he didn't want to be a lawyer, so he became a banker. He had a busy, busy life for thirty years traveling all over the world on banking business.

Scott moved to Bennington four and a half years ago, but was commuting to work until last October when he retired. He had been looking for a house in New England when he drove to Bennington and realized he had been here in the 80s when the Equinox Hotel had opened in Manchester. He saw the Old First church and recognized the town. He was a tourist who came back.

Besides all the work that Scott is doing in the community he is raising four dogs, landscaping. and working with BBC and the Chamber. He says that he "specializes in garbage bags and toilet paper for all public assemblies." He met Lindy through volunteering at the car show. Lindy explained Rotary to him. Although he had seen Rotary meetings in other countries, he was impressed with Rotarians' involvement in the community. Scott felt that when he moved to a new community he wanted to add value to it and to find out was it was about. He says."It is amazing how much I have gotten out of volunteering." One of Scott's observations is that "the quality of the resources in this town is quite a little treasure, the architecture, the history, the environment." The town is also finding out what a resource Scott is.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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