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Meet Susan Coons of the Pennysaver Press and News Guide

January 1, 2010

bennington rotary club
BENNINGTON - Susan may be new to our Rotary Club, but she is not new to Rotary having been a member of the Manchester Rotary for four years. Working in Bennington, it makes more sense for her to be in the Bennington Rotary Club.

Susan grew up in Chicago and is very enthusiastic about her home town. She thinks it is fabulous. She has lived in a variety of places, The San Fernando Valley, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and then went back to California. She has lived in Hoosick Falls for twenty-five years.

Susan has two children, Katherine and John. Katherine is a teacher in the middle school, Her son who is a very creative guy works in a firm in Florida.

As a graphic artist who has painted in oils and acrylics, Susan took the job a production manager at the News Guide. When the editor left, Susan did both jobs. It was fun, but she had to make a choice so the decided to be an editor and has "lived happily ever after since."

Susan's husband who was a writer died in 1998. He wrote a film for President Eisenhower and did Public and Human Relations for Linton Industries. He was twenty years older than Susan.

Susan loves to play. Her philosophy is that when we are children, we can hardly wait to grow up so we can do whatever we want to do. However, when we become adults, we forget about it. We get involved in chores and don't get to do what we want to do. Susan is going to do what she wants to do because she is an adult. One of her plans is to publish a book with drawings and color illustrations of different doors and windows. She would make up stories to go with the drawings.

Susan loves Rotary. As one person she can't do much to change the world or even the community, but with others, she can do a great dea;. She wants to help with fund raising and appreciates the fun and humor in the Bennington Rotary Club.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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