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Meet Catherine McClure - Superintendent, SVSU

August 1, 2009

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BENNINGTON - Cathy was the first generation in her family to go right to college from high school. She was on the edge of the woman's movement. She went to Hood College and then to Antioch Putney for her Master's degree. She went to the Harvard Graduate School of Education for a Certificate of Advanced Study.

She entered adminstration because a principal pointed out to her that she saw a bigger picture than just her classroom. She was a Federal Project administrator, a principal and Assistant Superintendent and then a Superintendent. She had retired before she came to Vermont, but she couldn't stay retired and is now Superintendent. Her goals in her new role are to improve student achievement and communication between the principals and directors, SVU school boards and with the teachers and the community.

Cathy likes the fast pace of administration. She finds moving from one area to another stimulating. There are always challenges and never a dull moment. Even when she doesn't have direct student contact, she knows when she is having an impact and making changes that affect the quality of education.

Cathy is the daughter of a Rotarian. Her father was the president of his club and her mother was president of the Rotary auxiliary. Cathy has been thinking of become a Rotarian for a long time.

Her husband Steven is chief pilot at Air Now. She moved here because of him. They have a soft coated Wheaten terrier by the name of Dylan. Her parents are still in South Central New Jersey and she goes there every month.

She likes reading and kayaking and hiking. She is interested in many things. She is active in AAUW. She hopes someday to become a Paul Harris fellow like her father. She wants to volunteer to the extent that she can given the demands of her job. She has visited with the Interact Club and is looking forward to being an effective member of the club.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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