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Meet Our New Member Richard Albert

August 1, 2014

Richard Albert
When he was seven years old. He was born in Niverville, New York. The family moved to Bennington when his father realized that there were no air condition contractors in the town, So Jerry started the business in 1979. His first office was on Benmont..

Rich is one of four children, two brothers and a sister. He was always a hands-on kid and worked at the business. He had a happy childhood. After high school, he went to Hudson Valley Community College and got an Associates degree in air conditioning. He has been working for the company since 1994. He is the CEO and wears many hats as he oversees the business.

He has a daughter Meghan who lives in Oakland, California. He will be visiting her at Christmas. She is working on her master's degree.

Rich is interested in motorcycles. He likes to work on them He has also been doing power coating. He enjoys doing it in his spare time. This is a process by which he sand blasts the rust off of old rusty items like iron chairs or radiators and then coats them. To do this he was built his own blast furnace with a window in which he can see what is happening.If there is a way to do something, Rich build it himself. He makes gifts instead of buying them.

Rich joined Rotary because he wanted to learn more the community. He would read about people and events in the Banner, but Rotary gives him an opportunity for first= hand experience. Listening to the speakers and talking with other members of the club is most valuable. He is also looking forward to working at Garlic Fest and the Car Show.

Richard has some interesting ideas about how to improve Bennington. Be sure to ask him about them when you are sitting with him at lunch. He will be glad to hear what you think. He likes problem solving which often starts when people raise objections to new ideas.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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