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Jim Thibodeau and Interact

February 1, 2014

Jim Thibodeau
Jim has been working with Interact for eight years. He will be continuing to work as the liaison person with the group,

Jim was brought into Rotary twenty-seven years ago. Working with Interact and the Scholarship committee has re-energized him. He feels that it is an honor to work with such highly talented and highly motivated young people. When you don't have contact with young people and you read the bad news in the papers, you tend to think that there are no good kids in the community, whereas there are really fine young people with many accomplishments.

Jim works with Charlie Letourneau and Ed Smith. from the Catamount Club and Dan Lucy who is the club's faculty advisor. Dan is invaluable as he sets up the meetings and the agenda for the President on Thursday mornings for fifteen minutes at ten-fifteen.

At the meetings the president talks about the volunteer opportunities that are available. There are some activities that need adults present such as the Interact fund raising project they did. The students can't handle money from gambling such as 50/50 raffles.

Each student has to put in ten hours to receive certification for their work. They keep track of the hours on the projects which is part of the meeting. There are about sixty students in Interact. Most students are in the club for two years.

They have a Facebook page to inform students about volunteer activities. If they can't make the meetings because of the time their bus arrives, they can find out activities like Garlic Fest that occurred before school started. One of the benefits of the club is that it gives students a sense of the international scope of Interact through their trips to Nicaragua and other activities. Jim urges Rotarians to visit the meetings and see all that the students do in the community.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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