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President of Interact

October 1, 2013

Jacob Normyle
Hi, I'm Jacob Normyle, the president of the Interact club for the 2013-14 school year. I joined the Interact club my freshman year at MAUHS, the club had a lasting effect both in my life and Bennington overall.

I enjoy the work that we do because I know we're helping other people; our work directly affects the community. My experience in the club has made me realize that I'll be doing community service for the rest of my life. The Trip to Somotillo Nicaragua that our club made last year changed my life. B Because of that trip I feel obliged to help other people in situations where I wouldn't have been before.

My family has been living in Bennington for ten years. My parents also grew up here. My hobbies include playing football, lacrosse and a lot of guitar. I'm captain of the football team, which I'm proud of. Football is a big topic at the Normyle dinner table. I'm between rock bands now, and have played a couple shows, in and out of school. I'm looking forward to going to college but haven't chosen a school yet. I'm thinking about majoring in electrical engineering, but even that isn't definite for me.

I have five other family members besides myself, my mom Julie, dad Seth, older brother Avery, and younger brother Noah (I'm the middle son). We also adopted our cousin Lexi. She's been living with us for almost a year now. I have a great family life and my brothers are my best friends. So that's my life, overall I'm grateful for the experience I've had with Interact, and looking forward to working more with Rotary in the future.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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