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Meet David Hoopes District Governor 2013-2014

August 1, 2013

David Hoopes
As District Governor, David sees his role as being a support to the work of the clubs. His experience as a banker, a diplomat and a member of the military has given him the management experience that helps him coordinate the different tasks necessary. He also says that patience, stamina and a sense of humor and a good relationship with your car and your computer are other elements that are necessary for a Rotary District Governor.

David feels that communication is very important in terms of bringing clubs together as well as within a club. He sees more clubs meeting together and thinks that fund raising together is another way that will make clubs more effective. Having clubs going to each other’s fund raisers is another way to do this. He would also like to see more coordination between Vermont and New Hampshire. At the very least, clubs should be aware of what other clubs are doing. Therefore, he will be sending out information regularly about what is happening in the District. Since clubs are the heart of Rotary, knowing what other clubs are doing will be useful. David plans to meet with clubs more frequently. After this meeting, he wants to come to a meeting just as a guest and also to take part in a fund raiser. He also plans to meet with all the Interact Clubs in the District.

David would like to see more training in the District taking place throughout the year with mini seminars within regions. He also wants to upscale the Assistant District Governors. It is a wonderful training for future work in the District on the various committees.

Each District Governor brings a unique background and skills to the job, but It is a gratifying position because you feel you are of service which is want Rotary is all about. Going to national and international meetings as well as meeting with a variety of people is an amazing experience.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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