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Meet The New BRC Board

July 1, 2013

New Board 2013
The new Board of Directors assumed their responsibilities at the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Jim Ross Pavilion at Willow Park. From left to right, there are Ed Woods, the new Sergeant at Arms; Brian Mahoney, Vice President. Behind Barbara Hoar, who is Chair of International Services is Jim Thibodeau, who is Vocational Chair and head of Youth Services. Then there are Kathy Sollien, Chair of Community Service, Lindy Lynch, the new President, Kristin Reed, Past President, and Brian McKenna, Treasurer. Jerry Albert, Chair of Club Service is next to Michael Harrington, President Elect. Last, but not least, is Sue Katz, Secretary. They are eager to work with us to have a fine year as you can see when reading the Board Minutes on page 5, as well as Lindy’s letter on page 2.

Each of the directors has goals for the committees that are within his or her service areas. Some of the members have been in their particular jobs before and others have moved into new positions within the Board. Based on the rest of the day’s activities, there should be a lot of fun as well as productive work during this coming year.

Author: Sally Sugarman (Club Member & Windmill Editor)

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