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The Good That Rotary Does

January 15, 2013

If you have your January 5th Banner around and did not read the Rotary News section written by Robert Ebert, go back and read those four columns of Rotary news. This is a wonderful offering of what one resident thinks of Bennington. It is written with a glowing appraisal of this southern Vermont town. And don't stop until you have read the entire four columns. It is a winner and I offer high praise to that member of the Rotary Club for telling us what good things this civic club is doing here.

I have known about Rotary clubs since 1936 when my first husband joined the little group in a one-horse Kansas town of about 500 souls.

You would wonder what a group of this size could accomplish but it did many good civic things for that little berg. And through the years he stayed associated with Rotary clubs wherever he lived. One of his functions in the club was he wrote the weekly bulletin which was mailed to each member. I mimeographed it and mailed it to each one in the club.

The club in Bennington is a very active one and doing many good things to build good will and better friendships in the community and eventually the world. One of their activities is the ringing of the bell at holiday time at the supermarkets to entice people to make an offering which goes to help feed the hungry. Standing out in the cold on a day when the thermometer drops down low is one of those little chores the Rotarians do. The club offers scholarships to school achievers, too.

Congratulations to Robert Ebert for enlightening us on all or some of the enterprises, right here in our community. Staying warm in this kind of wintry weather is important too. The Warm the Children fund in our town does another good deed by supplying funds to those who do not have warm clothing. It seems that the year 2013, is off to a running start as already two weeks have passed. I find it a little hard to write that 2013, but I'm glad to see the 2012 calendars taken off the wall. No matter how many years you have lived there is always something in the works as a new year begins. Let's all do something constructive for the good of others and make 2013 a banner year.

Harriette Leidich lives in North Bennington.

Author: Harriette Leidich
Compliments of: The Bennington Banner

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